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Getting Ready for Diwali: Essential Steps for a Prosperous Holiday Season in Your Retail Store!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The Diwali holiday season is just around the corner, and for retailers, it’s time to gear up for the busiest shopping event of the year. Diwali sales often account for up to 30% of a retailer's annual revenue, making it essential to plan and prepare in advance. To help you make the most of this festive season, Urban Vyapari has compiled a comprehensive list of tasks to ensure your retail store thrives during Diwali.

Sales & Marketing:

1. Create Captivating Holiday Displays: Start by designing eye-catching displays that tell a compelling story. Utilize proper lighting, holiday-specific props, and unique signage to draw customers' attention. Engaging displays can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

2. Place Holiday-Specific Orders: Plan your inventory meticulously and order holiday-themed merchandise promptly to meet the high demand during Diwali. Additionally, consider offering holiday-themed gift cards to boost sales and customer loyalty.


3. Retain and Hire Seasonal Staff: Anticipate the holiday rush by hiring additional staff. Utilize job boards, rehire previous employees, and explore creative hiring strategies to ensure you have enough manpower to handle the crowd efficiently.

4. Stock Up on Supplies: Avoid potential disasters by stocking up on essential supplies such as cash desk items, payroll terminal paper, gift cards, and cleaning supplies. Having a well-equipped store ensures smooth operations during the bustling season.

5. Define Holiday Policies: Implement special holiday policies for returns and exchanges. Determine your approach to refunds, store credits, and receipts. Consistency across all locations is key to providing excellent customer service.


6. Develop a Fulfillment Plan: Optimize your fulfillment process to meet customer expectations. Real-time visibility of stock across all sales channels is vital. Efficient fulfillment routes and timely restocking decisions can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction.


7. Test Your Technology: Ensure your systems are prepared for the holiday rush. Address any tech-related issues before the crowds arrive. Reliable technology is essential to providing seamless customer experiences and efficient operations.


Prepare yourself in advance by organizing your tasks and creating a to-do list to manage your festive sale effectively. By following these steps and leveraging technology, you can thrive this Diwali season and maximize your profits.

During this festive season, Urban Vyapari is here to support merchants, offering the conventional Urban Vyapari point of sale system that simplifies processes and enhances profitability. To learn more about our services, call us today at +91 9667761088 or visit our website at Make this Diwali season a prosperous one for your retail store!

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